I’m not sure if this happens to anyone else, maybe I’m just close-minded, but sometimes I go through periods of not being able to find any exhibitions that I particularly want to see in Boston. It might also have to do with motivation due to my work schedule (or lack thereof). (Can I just get a night shift job again please? Monday through Friday? I’ll work nearly every holiday because I hate them!)

I can usually count on Samson in the South End to have something interesting. They are showing Lisa Sigal Shifting Horizon until May 25th, a series of urban landscape paintings that spout architecture. Literally. I was curious to see which refers to the LA River– from my experience (which may or may not include a drunken treck though the breathtakingly polluted river), I expected it to be the grey-on-grey-on-grey-on-grey diptych pictured here, but I was wrong. It’s here, unmistakably Los Angeles concrete. It doesn’t look like they’ll be showing that one, but I don’t mind, it’s not my favorite.

The last line of the Boston Globe review nails it:

“The way Sigal constructs her works compels us to look at sites we habitually ignore. She renews abandoned places, ignored and ugly places. She does not make them beautiful. She simply makes us see.” – Cate McQuaid, Correspondent, Boston Globe

The gallery’s website is a bit confusing– the “future” page lists both 2013 and 2012 exhibitions and some without years at all, but if the summer group exhibition is accurate, it’s all forgiven. Mark Cooper, Summer Wheat, Nicole Cherubini and eight more artists will be dragging my proverbial ass out of my air conditioned office and into the South End this summer. I would post some images of their work, but none have anything up for 2013! Artists. (Says the girl who hasn’t updated hers since 2010.)


Tangent: I tend to use my Pinterest art board as a sort of visual bookmarks folder, in case you’re feeling curious. It didn’t make sense to me to have hundreds of artists websites bookmarked in chrome where it shows only the name and URL, most of which I won’t remember. Visual memories are different, so “that artist that painted the sides of record albums”, with a quick reference to my pinterest board, becomes Jon Widman. (There are two links there because HE DOESN’T HAVE A WEBSITE and the gallery doesn’t show my favorites, but The Jealous Curator does.)